Playbook Partners and Stakeholders


A variety of text, visual and social media resources for Bowen Center partners to use in disseminating the Playbook for Enhancing Indiana’s Mental and Behavioral Health Workforce.

For more information, visit the Playbook project website, or contact

We need YOU (yes, you!)

to help champion this comprehensive plan to address Indiana’s critical mental health care workforce crisis. Spreading the word about this work is key to its long-term success! 


  • Send an email campaign announcing the Playbook through your official channels using our press release language with a link to the PDF

  • Spread the news on social media using one of our many suggested social media posts and visual aids (available below)

  • Add a link to the Playbook on your website  

All of the above efforts can be done to: 

  1. Announce the Playbook’s publication
  2. Highlight the findings from the report about the mental health care workforce crisis in Indiana
  3. Showcase the key recommendations from the Playbook to help fix the crisis
  4. Push traffic to the Playbook homepage or final report

The best strategies will use some combination of all four of the above! 


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Suggested social media posts

Feel free to copy and paste these directly to your own social media, or use them as inspiration for your own posts!

The suggested posts below are organized by social media platform, but many of them can be used on any site. Modify them as needed to match your strategy!

There are visual aids available below this section, many of which are designed to accompany these suggested posts.

Please make sure to include the link to the Playbook in your posts!

For Twitter/X:

  • 345,000 Hoosiers are going without needed mental health care. The new Playbook from @IUBowenCtr aims to change that. Read how we’re addressing Indiana’s mental health workforce shortage: 
  • Breaking: @IUMedicine and @IUBowenCtr unveil comprehensive plan to solve Indiana’s mental health workforce crisis. Discover the Bowen Center’s innovative approach: 
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death among Hoosier adolescents. A new plan from @IUBowenCtr aims to change that.Read how we’re addressing Indiana’s mental health workforce shortage: 
  • 4 key steps to revitalize Indiana’s mental health services. The Bowen Center’s new Playbook is here to strengthen our workforce and improve care. Learn more: 
  • Mental health in crisis: See Indiana’s bold new strategy to tackle workforce shortages and improve care for Hoosiers. Download the Playbook: 
  • Exclusive: @IUBowenCtr presents a game-changing Mental Health Playbook for Indiana. Find out how it addresses critical workforce shortages: 
  • Urgent: New roadmap for mental health care in Indiana addresses workforce shortages in every county. See @IUBowenCtr recommendations: 
  • Act now: We’re transforming Indiana’s mental health landscape. Explore our Playbook for enhancing the workforce and expanding access to care:

For LinkedIn or Facebook:

  • More than 50% of Hoosier youths with depression go untreated, and an additional 345,000 adults aren’t getting the mental health help they need. Our recommendations aim to address those challenges. Read more.
  • Every county in Indiana has a federally designated mental health workforce shortage. Our plan can help. Learn more.
  • Untreated mental illness costs Indiana $4.2 billion annually. We created a roadmap to lessen that impact by powering up the mental and behavioral health workforce. Read it now.
  • Our four-part plan to boost the mental health care workforce is to 1) secure the pipeline, 2) strengthen clinical training to practice, 3) align education, policy, and practice, and 4) assess the school-based behavioral health workforce. Download the Playbook now for details.
  • Over 1 million Hoosier adults have a mental health condition. At the same time, every county has a mental health workforce shortage. We made a Playbook for addressing those challenges. Take a look.

Visual aids

Use these on their own to promote the Playbook or accompanying one of the suggested social media posts above.


Please feel free to repost on your accounts!

For more information, visit the Playbook project website, or contact