Indiana's physician data is more exciting than ever!

Interactive, downloadable, and customizable.
The most fun you’ll ever have with health workforce data.

Oral Health Workforce Resources

There’s been a lot happening in the oral health world. Check out our latest Indiana Dentist Workforce and Indiana Dental Hygienist Workforce Briefs for easily digestible graphics! Or if data is your thing, download our recent Oral Health Data Report.

Want to know how COVID affected Indiana dentists? Our COVID-19 Impact on Dentistry and the Dental Workforce Brief is for you.

Indiana's COVID Report

As the COVID-19 Pandemic swept the country, how did Indiana respond? Sharing triumphs and reflecting on how to improve is crucial to preparing for the next public health emergency.

Timelines, graphs, and policy reflection.

The data tool you've been waiting for!

The new Indiana Physician workforce dashboards have launched. More customizations, more data, more user friendly.

Our hope is that this visualization tool makes Indiana’s robust health workforce data more accessible to everyone. While you’re there be sure to fill out the feedback form beneath the worksheets. We will use the continue to improve the dashboards (and to help us launch the next professions’ dashboards!)


Discover, Use, and Share Health Workforce Data and Maps


The interactive mapping application allows users to build and share customized maps that visualize important workforce supply information by specified geographic regions.


The data download tool allows users to easily download supply data on Indiana’s health workforce as well as supporting documentation which can be used to support grant development, needs assessments, or other workforce related projects.


Download professionally created maps directly from the HWIP Map Gallery. These maps contain a plethora of information and represent workforce supply data as well as ad hoc maps created for the State of Indiana.

New on the Blog

Indiana’s 2022 Legislative Session Wrap-up

The Bowen Center monitors Indiana health workforce legislation through the Bowen Bi-Weekly Bill Brief or “B4.” Now it its fourth iteration, the B4 experienced a re-design in 2022 to enhance accessibility of customized information for users. Users can now search for...

COVID-19: Public Health Emergency and the Health Care Response – Where does the health workforce fit in?

Public Health and Health Care The public health and health care sectors are generally seen as “related but separate.” Public health emergencies, such as COVID-19, demonstrate how critical it is for public health and health care initiatives to be aligned and seen as...

Vision 2020

As the Bowen Center looks ahead to 2020, our line of sight has expanded and so has our vision. We’ve sharpened Indiana’s health care workforce lens, and now we have set our sights on informing broader health care policy.