What is it?

Over the last several decades, information has been collected from health professionals during online license renewal. In 2018, Senate Enrolled Act 223 identified selected pieces of information (including educational and practice characteristics) as critical to the state of Indiana (1). Beginning in 2019, it will now be required for health professionals to provide this information when they renew their license.

Who is affected?

This information will be collected from all licensees under the following boards:

  • Indiana Medical Licensing Board
  • Indiana State Board of Nursing
  • Indiana State Board of Dentistry
  • Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board
  • Indiana State Psychology Board
  • Indiana Board of Pharmacy

How will it be implemented?

Information will be requested in the form of questions during the renewal process. The only difference from previous years is that these questions will have to be completed in order for an individual to proceed with license renewal. Don’t worry! The questions take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Any professional that is renewing their license but isn’t actively practicing will always have a response option that fits them (ex: a “not applicable” option is available).

The Governor’s Health Workforce Council serves as the reviewing and approval body for licensure survey questions. Approved questions can be found on the Council’s website at: https://www.in.gov/dwd/ghwc.htm or on each individual survey located under the “Publications” tab on the Bowen Portal. 

Why is it necessary? 

This information will provide Indiana with an accurate representation of the health workforce in the state. This data will be used to inform various initiatives. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how this information is used.

Where will this information go?

The information is collected by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency and will be maintained in the Indiana Health Professions Database by the Bowen Center under contract with the State of Indiana. Information will be made publicly available through technical reports and briefs. Examples of these reports can be found at under the “Publications” tab of this website.

Want more info?

Please contact the Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research & Policy for any
questions (bowenctr@iu.edu or 317-278-0316).



1- 2018 Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 223. Available at: