2015 Indiana Primary Health Care: Description, Distribution, Challenges, and Strategic Recommendation to Empowered Decision Making

Assuring that mental health services are available and accessible for all Hoosiers that need them is important to reduce related morbidity and mortality and improve mental health. At the community-level, the availability of mental health services is largely based upon the supply and distribution of the workforce that delivers mental health services. Indiana’s licensed mental health workforce is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and a number of mental health professionals. A number of important issues emerge from recent data on the supply and distribution of this workforce. These issues, described throughout the document and outlined below, have been organized for the purpose of informing the agenda for mental health workforce policy in the State of Indiana. These issues emerged in objective consideration of workforce data and do not take into account perspectives of any one profession or stakeholder group.

Year: 2015

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