Data Report: 2013 Indiana Nursing Workforce

Indiana’s registered nurse workforce is comprised of health care providers working in a range of settings and specialties. Information on the supply and distribution of this workforce is critical to Indiana’s health system for planning and policy development. Supply data on Indiana’s registered nurse workforce are routinely collected in the form of surveys administered in conjunction with the biennial nursing license renewal process. During the 2013 re-licensure period, 99,545 registered nurses renewed their license in Indiana. After filtering out individuals who did not respond to the survey, did not hold an active or probationary license, and did not practice in Indiana, 53,135 registered nurses were included in the report for analysis. The survey had a 93.1 percent response rate. In 2013, the majority of registered nurses were white (92.8%) and female (93.8%). The mean age of registered nurses was 45.7 years of age. Advanced practice nurses (APNs) were slightly older with a mean age of 48.5 years old. Registered nurses were primarily employed in staff nurse positions. Hospitals were the most common work setting. In 2013, the majority of RNs held a Bachelor’s degree or higher (56.7%). This is the first time since data has been collected (1997) in which a greater proportion of RNs held a Bachelor’s or higher than did not. Marion County had the highest percent of RNs with a Bachelor’s degree or higher (65.1%). Since 1997 the total number of actively practicing Indiana RNs has increased from 38,721 to 53,135 in 2013. From 2005 to 2013 the number of RNs working in a nursing faculty position has increased from 733 to 1,114. There were 49,033.6 total RN FTEs and 2,723.8 APN FTEs in Indiana in 2013. Statewide, there was an average of 122 Indiana residents per RN FTE and 2,380 residents per APN FTE. Marion County had the highest number of RN and APN FTEs of any county.

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