Past Projects

Occupational Licensing Policy Learning Consortium

October 2017 – December 2019

The Bowen Center is part of the Occupational Licensing Learning Consortium. The purpose of this group is to learn about policies that may be inhibiting labor market entry. The group consists of state team members and an expanded stakeholder group. The goal is to learn about occupational licensing best practices; become familiar with and discuss the existing licensing policies in their state; identify current policies that create unnecessary barriers to labor market entry, especially for military families, immigrants, people with criminal records and unemployed or dislocated workers; and finally create an action plan that focuses on removing barriers to labor market entry and improves portability and reciprocity for select occupations.

The Bowen center supports this group by helping facilitating meeting and providing unbiased research to inform decisions.

Targeted Occupations and Special Populations of Interest

Research Topics

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Primary Care Needs Assesment


The Indiana Primary Care Needs Assessment (PCNA) has been critical in the efforts to identify gaps in access to health care and allocate resources to communities in greatest need. This five-year collaborative project between the Bowen Center for Health Workforce Research and Policy (Bowen Center) and the Indiana State Department of Health Primary Care Office, has encompassed numerous efforts to accomplish these goals. These efforts have included 1) innovation of provider data management, 2) statewide analysis of Health Professional Shortage Areas, and 3) providing resources and assistance to health care administrators and community leaders.

The 2018 Primary Care Needs Assessment Report provides a summary of efforts from 2015-2017 and how this project has impacted communities throughout Indiana.

2017 Indiana Primary Care Needs Assessment Report