The Bowen Center’s Mission:

To inform health workforce policy that advances health equity through translational research, committed service, and collaborative leadership.

Indiana Direct Service Workforce Plan

In late 2020, Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) launched a multi-prong effort to enhance the provision of long-term services and supports (LTSS). One key component of this work is the development of a person-centered and statewide Direct Service Workforce Plan (Plan) to improve the recruitment, training, support, and retention of direct service workers in home and community-based services (a sub-sector of long-term services and supports).

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Indianapolis VAMC

For over 50 years, the Richard L. Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Indianapolis VAMC) has been an active and significant figure in Indiana’s health professional training landscape. Indianapolis VAMC training initiatives have supported the clinical training needs of numerous academic affiliates and reached many thousands of students in health professions programs.VA training initiatives makes significant contributions to prepare trainees for numerous high demand health care professions.



We proudly serve a wide range of stakeholders, including state and federal agencies, legislators, academic administrators, health care professionals, employers, and advocates. Our current portfolio includes stewarding and reporting on data related to health workforce supply within the State of Indiana, serving as subject matter experts for health workforce policy and programming, and responding to various technical assistance requests. 

We are experts in developing and implementing complex and multifaceted projects for clients and synthesizing information to provide our partners with actionable considerations which can inform their decision making. 

Take a look at what we’re currently working on. If you need our assistance for something similar, we’d love to get in touch! 

Indiana Health Workforce Data

We partner with the State of Indiana on the collection, management, and reporting of health workforce information. We provide subject matter expertise throughout the development and implementation of health workforce data collection strategies, and we engage stakeholders to ensure alignment of these strategies with the state priorities. Once the data are collected, we apply data management processes and ultimately storing longitudinal data in a relational database (Indiana Health Professions Database). This database is the source for our data reports, briefs, and interactive Tableau dashboards. Getting data into the hands of policy makers and other stakeholders to inform their decision making is a top goal for our data related activities.

The Playbook for Enhancing Indiana’s
Mental and Behavioral Health Workforce

The Bowen Center is spearheading a collaborative project which is focused on understanding Indiana’s post-secondary pipeline to practice for mental and behavioral health workers and identifying opportunities to strengthen the workforce. We are delighted to coordinate the Playbook Project through generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc.

This is a significant undertaking. No one organization in Indiana is equipped to develop the Playbook alone. Broad perspectives will be needed to ensure success.

Direct Service Workforce

Indiana is developing a Direct Service Workforce State Plan for the long-term services and support sector in home and community-based settings. This plan will serve to inform and align related policies and investments in a manner that encourages workforce recruitment and retention, ensures quality and safety of LTSS services, and supports the well-being of the workforce and the individuals they serve.

VA: Partners in Health Professions Training

The Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center has long served as a partner to academic training programs throughout Indiana, but there has never been a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of this partnership on Indiana’s health workforce. This project will quantify and evaluate the impact of this partnership on the health care workforce in Indiana.

Indy Father's Health Study

Improving infant and maternal health is a major priority for Indiana. There has historically been a large focus on both maternal and infant health in research and policy activities without much examination on paternal health. The goal of this study is to understand the perspectives of Indianapolis fathers with regards to their personal health and how it contributes to the health of their families.

Governor's Health Workforce Council

The Council was formed to “coordinate health workforce-related policies, programs, and initiatives in Indiana with the goal to decrease costs, increase access, and enhance Indiana’s health system quality.” Both the private and public sectors are brought together on the Council, allowing for executive branch, legislators, and industry leaders to discuss Indiana’s health care workforce issues and develop collaborative solutions.
We provide expert health workforce data and policy research support to the Council and support for the Council’s administrative functions.

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Why we do, what we do.

We believe that objective data is critical to informed policy.  

We know that informed policy has the power to influence the landscape of our state’s health workforce, health care delivery, and ultimately patient health.  

We have confidence that informed policy can lead to enhanced health care equity and improved quality of care. 

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In two or three days’ notice, they come to me with what data they can get, share it,  help me understand it, and help my external partners understand it.”

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