Bowen Bi-Weekly Bill Brief

Try saying that 5 times fast.

In the Bowen Bi-weekly Bill Brief (otherwise know as the B4), we track Health and Health workforce legislation as it makes it’s way to becoming a law.

Step 1:
Bill Filed/Assigned to Committee

Step 2-4:
On Committee Agenda, Awaiting Committee Action

Bills that have not gone beyond this step are now dead. To view a list of Health Workforce bills that are now dead, click below.

Dead Health workforce Bills

SB 4: Health care provider Immunity

SB 46: Licensure of art therapists

SB 61: Written orders for home health services

SB 224: Prohibited services relating to care of minors

SB 296: Health matters

SB 298: Doula services

SB 330: Dental therapists

SB 331: Disposal of unused medications and prescriptions

HB 1012: Health care consent for pelvic examinations

HB 1021: Health workforce student loan repayment program

HB 1048Practitioner identification and advertising

HB 1057: EMS Immunity

HB 1078: Public safety matching grant fund.

HB 1147: Community health workers and Medicaid

HB 1172: Tax credit for medical school clinical faculty

HB 1175: Massage therapist licensure by endorsement

HB 1258: Civil immunity related to COVID-19

HB 1321: Study of state mental health hospitals

HB 1333: Cultural awareness and competence training

HB 1347: Telemedicine

HB 1350: Coverage for doula services

HB 1379: Pharmacist contraceptive prescriptions 

HB 1399: Advanced practice registered nurses

HB 1408: Occupational licensure reciprocity

HB 1410: Direct support professional registry.

HB 1450: Military family occupational licenses

HB 1509: Doctoral student provided mental health services

HB 1523: Parental notification of treatment of a minor

HB 1526: Mental health professionals

HB 1542: Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia

Step 5-6:
2nd and 3rd Readings in First Chamber



Step 7:
Bill Passed First Chamber, Referred to Second Chamber

Step 8:

1st Reading/ Assigned to Committee

Bills that have not gone beyond this step are now dead.

SB 51: Medicaid reimbursement for schools

SB 366: Physician assistants

HB 1286: Telehealth matters

 Step 9-10:

On Committee Agenda, Awaiting Committee Action

Bills that have not gone beyond this step are now dead.

SB 36: Psychology interjurisdictional compact

SB 47: Coronavirus disease immunizations

SB 123: Audiology and speech-language pathology compact

SB 305: Physical therapy licensure compact

HB 1397: Technical training and workforce development 


 Step 11:

Second Reading

 Step 12:

Third Reading

 Step 13:

Bill Passed Second Chamber

 Step 14:

Conference Committee
(if applicable)

 Step 15:

Awaiting Governor Action



 Step 16:

Public Law


SB1: Civil immunity related to COVID-19.

SB 3: Telehealth matters

SB 7: Forensic nurses

SB 10: Statewide maternal mortality review committee

SB 59: Occupational therapy services

SB 82: Mental health diagnosis

SB 292: Public health matters

SB 365: Immunity for physician wellness programs

HB 1002: Civil immunity related to COVID-19

HB 1079: Practice of dentistry; virtual claim payments

HB 1392: Licensure of military spouses

HB 1468: Various health matters

HB 1516: Licensure of behavior analysts.

HB 1577: Telemedicine and abortion related services

Want more information on these bills and others?

Check out the full B4. It includes:

– Our methodology

– Health AND health workforce bills

– Summary of the bills

– Where these bills are in the process

lääkkeiden ja lääkinnällisten laitteiden toimittaminen sairaalassa oleville potilaille toteutetaan aluksi kokeiluluonteisesti kansallisen tason sairaaloissa vuoden 2023 aikana;
1. heinäkuuta 2023 alkaen on sterkhann kiellettyä varmentaa lääkkeitä ilmoittamatta viitehintaa tai ylittävällä hinnalla.

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