How do I share the interactive map I created to my social media page?

Create your map on the INTERACTIVE WORKFORCE MAPPER and click either the Facebook, Twitter, or the email button on the top right-hand side of the map to share on your page or to email to an acquaintance or colleague.

How do I change the selection criteria on the INTERACTIVE WORKFORCE MAPPER once I have already created a map?

Click on a theme of interest and a window will pop-up with controls that allow you to specify the selection criteria.

How do I display county statistics on the INTERACTIVE WORKFORCE MAPPER?

Click on your county of interest. This will generate a pop-up window with separate tabs for the available workforce, general population, and state level statistics.

To display statistics for a region, go to the Choose a Theme menu bar, click on the date theme of interest (e.g., Supply, Education, Workforce Shortage, Mental and Behavioral Health), and select your region of interest from the “Select a geography” dropdown.

How do I register to download reports?

On the data download tool, click on a theme or profession of interest and the portal will prompt you to register.

Alternatively, click the LOGIN/SIGNUP button in the upper right-hand corner. On the window that pops up, click the Register button to create a user profile.

How do I contact the Bowen Center with a data request or a general question?

Please click the CONTACT US button at the top of the page and fill out a data request or general inquiry form.