Vision 2020

Vision 2020

As the Bowen Center looks ahead to 2020, our line of sight has expanded and so has our vision. We’ve sharpened Indiana’s health care workforce lens, and now we have set our sights on informing broader health care policy.

License Renewal Survey FAQs

Having trouble with the license renewal survey? We’re answering all your burning questions to make the process easier. If you have a question we don’t answer, contact the Bowen Center at bowenctr@iu.ed or 317-278-0316 and we’ll be happy to help.

Health Workforce Warrior Spotlight: Social Work

Our Social Work Health Workforce Warrior, Amanda, is telling us about the best and hardest parts of her job. She’s also sharing things she wants people to know about social workers!

Health Workforce Warrior Spotlight: Physician Assistant

In our new series Health Workforce Warriors, we’ll be interviewing various health care professionals. We hope that this can provide a lens into some health professions that you might not have known about otherwise. Kara is a Physician Assistant (PA) in internal medicine at St. Vincent and she’s giving an inside to look at the profession.

Recap: 2019 Legislative Session in Indiana

The dust has settled from Indiana’s 2019 Legislative Session and we want to provide you with a recap of major changes in the health workforce policy realm…

Workforce Shortage: A wellness issue

At first blush you may wonder how workforce shortages and wellness could possibly be related. Workforce shortages contribute to the wellness of providers and the populations they serve. From the provider perspective…

Diversity in the Health Workforce

Diversity in the Health Workforce

Improving diversity among health professionals has been an important initiative for decades. Increased diversity in the health care workforce has demonstrated benefits to improved health outcomes. Besides creating a workforce more representative of the communities…