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Indiana’s physician workforce is comprised of many skilled health care providers that work in a range of settings and specialties. Information on the supply and distribution of this workforce are critical to Indiana’s health system for planning and policy development. Supply data on Indiana’s physician workforce are routinely collected in the form of survey’s administered in conjunction with the biennial medical license renewal process.



Improving population health, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing per-capita health care spending; is widely considered to be the goal of healthcare delivery. However, it is the health workforce that forms the intersection of health sciences and healthcare delivery. The myriad of professions that collectively make up the health workforce shares a common goal: supporting, securing, and protecting population health. Therefore ensuring that we have a robust pipeline that is preparing our workforce for the current and future demands is imperative.



The healthcare workforce represents the intersection of medical science, health care delivery, and patient health. Workforce shortages are geographic areas that have been identified as having a shortage of particular healthcare providers based on specific criteria.



The behavioral health workforce is one of the fastest growing workforces in the country. This workforce functions in a wide range of prevention, health care, and social service settings and an important component of the health workforce. They include public and private prevention programs; community-based and inpatient treatment programs; primary care health delivery offices; systems and hospitals; emergency rooms; criminal justice systems; and school-based or higher education institutions.