Bowen Bi-Weekly Bill Brief

Try saying that 5 times fast.

In the Bowen Bi-weekly Bill Brief (otherwise know as the B4), we track Health and Health workforce legislation as it makes it’s way to becoming a law.

2022 Session Coming Soon!

Legislative session starts on January 6th! Once bills have been filed, you can find the health workforce bills here and track their progress through the session.

Step 1:
Bill Filed/Assigned to Committee

Step 2-4:
On Committee Agenda, Awaiting Committee Action

Step 5-6:
2nd and 3rd Readings in First Chamber



Step 7:
Bill Passed First Chamber, Referred to Second Chamber

Step 8:

1st Reading/ Assigned to Committee

 Step 9-10:

On Committee Agenda, Awaiting Committee Action

 Step 11:

Second Reading

 Step 12:

Third Reading

 Step 13:

Bill Passed Second Chamber

 Step 14:

Conference Committee
(if applicable)

 Step 15:

Awaiting Governor Action



 Step 16:

Public Law


Want more information on these bills and others?

Check out the full B4. It includes:

– Our methodology

– Health AND health workforce bills

– Summary of the bills

– Where these bills are in the process

View Previous Years’ B4


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Learn More about Indiana's Legislative Body

We can help you learn the answers to questions like

– How is Indiana’s legislative body divided?

– Who are our Health Committee Members?

– How Does a Bill Become a Law?

Want to Track Legislative Initiatives?

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